Newly published Warren H. Miller Biography!

David Wescott just published a biography of Warren Hastings Miller here, which is certainly the best to date (I’m actually not aware of a more complete biography of Miller).  Wescott obtained much of the information, and at least one never before published photo of the man, from Warren Miller, Jr! That’s right – his youngest son! The new biography gives us a much more complete picture of Miller’s life and experiences. It also straightened out some common and long-held misconceptions that I (and others) have had about him. I have always assumed that one particular person shown in several photographs in Camp Craft was Miller when in fact; it was actually famed outfitter David T. Abercrombie. Wescott’s new biography has several photographs of Miller. Some are familiar images from the books and some I’ve never seen. But now we know what he looked like (I have edited my recent post on Miller’s books, Camp Craft and Camping Out, accordingly).  Thanks go to David Wescott for highlighting the life of a very important figure in Woodcraft literature.

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