Kamp Kephart 2016 Workshop Schedule

Steven M. Watts, (click his name to see a photo of Steve), the Master of all things related to classic camping, traditional camping and woodcraft, recently released his “Kamp Kephart” workshop schedule for 2016.


Sadly, I’m already quite late in posting this notice as I have been informed that the February 27th/28th Workshops –  Nessmuk’s KIt Bag &  The Aleut Pack Harness and the October 2nd Workshop – The Woodsman’s Bag  are already full! 

In addition, the March 13th Workshop – Frontier Fire  has only a few openings left.  Here is the Workshop Schedule ~



Click here if you would like to download the flyer.  Steve notes that he is still accepting registrations on the other courses.  If you want to develop your classic camping skills, don’t miss this opportunity to take one or more of these workshops!

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  1. Timothy Wingfield Says:


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and sharing an appreciation for classical camping. Looking forward to newer posts. Any idea when that might be?

    Kind regards,

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